Ficus Benjamina

My plant of choice if a freshly (July 2015) re-potted Ficus benjamina that was suffering from severe foilage loss. It has an air humidifier (ultrasonic of course!) next to it. The ficus sits in a plastic pot that I drilled a hole into around 2/3 down. There, my moisture sensor fits perfectly, and collects moisture readings next to where the roots are. A light sensor reads the Lux values hitting the plant. There is also a temperature and air moisture sensor near the plant to provide a full set of data.

Hover over the graph line with the mouse to see the exact timestamp and value of each of the datapoints

Temperature values °C

Data origin: Temperature data is collected from a sensor near the plant. Outdoor values are obtained through

Amount of light, measured in Lux

Data origin: Lux is measured using a light sensor near the plant

Humidity values

Data origin:

  • Outside humidity (provided by
  • Air humidity (sensor near the plant)
  • Humidity (soil humidity sensor near plant's roots)
  • Trivia

    Each point on the graphs represents an average of around 300 readings, taken every second. Every 5 minutes, the average is transmitted to the cloud for storage and then the process restarts. Maximum and minimum values exist for each point, but are left out for estetical reasons.

    Data from appear to update hourly, which explains why they look a little low-res next to the recorded data (12 data points/hour)

    The graphs show the readings from the last 48 hours at any given time. On the far right is the most recent reading.