Data inspires progress and galvanizes change. To know where we need to go, we need to know what we’ve achieved – where progress is being made and where major challenges remain. Our home is filled with connected products that are loaded with possibilities to make our lives easier, more convenient and comfortable. We have distributed music in all rooms, a smart alarm system and we manage our lighting using connected logic. These are store-bought solutions. If a need arises and the product doesn't exist (or is too expensive) we develop our own solutions. We buy and solder the electronics, design, and 3D print their encasings, and we write the code that runs them.

Benny - Keeper of plants

Our living room ficus has a name, Benny. Benny is a persona to us. He will use his sensors to know when to water himself, when to turn on his growth light, and when to turn on his air humidifier. This is all based on data that Benny collects every second, to make the right decision and to live long and prosper. Inspired by Benny, we regulate and water all the other plants in our house, based on the telemetry that he collects.

Sensors in every Room

We measure temperature and humidity in all our rooms because knowing the optimal conditions prevents uneasy sleep and itchy skin. It saves us money. Especially during winter Our garage is our dry food storage. It needs a lower temperature but it cannot get too humid, or the dry food goes to waste. We therefore regulate the humidity automatically by blowing out the humid air using a powerful fan. Knowing when to do so saves electricity.

Data is gold

Sensors and regulators are helping us achieve the desired state of our home and keeping our electricity bill under control. Through watching historical data, we can learn and predict what might come. Connecting to an external weather forecasting api, we can predict the state of our rooms, and plan accordingly, so our plants won't die, our food won't go bad, and our sleep is optimal.


Source: @digitaldias smarthouse